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.com/fb-groups/expat-tiger-nations/ The terms and conditions of the Facebook groups are in the link above. We can also be found at: I hope that everyone’s Great Adventure of returning to the Golden City is filled with stories and good times. Now that the rush of summer is coming to an end, I believe that the cooler weather will feel even better with you in mind. For those that are looking forward to returning home soon, I hope that you’ll have the happiest of holidays and are enjoying your “The Adventures of the Tiger Nations.” I look forward to hearing how you’re doing and wishing you all the very best of health, happiness, and success in the future. Thank you all so much for all the love and support for our journey here in Oz. Sincerely, Melissa! _________________________________________________________________ The author writes about how much he loves this land of his ancestors and how grateful he is to be able to be here with his family, and where he shares a photo of his father in his uniform during World War II. Thank you, Ernie, for your service to our country and all who fought in it. Melissa- Nice updates on your trip. Seeing your father in uniform, very very nice. I know what it is to be loved and missed more than ever! Melissa your journey was an amazing one and your time with family and friends was a blessing to me. I hope you have a great time on your travels and when you return for a visit here. I am happy to hear that your father is doing well. How great it must have been for you to see him and that moment. So many of us wish for that type of reunion. I am so happy for you and your family, and I hope you have a wonderful journey. Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ Email Other Apps Comments Post a Comment You are welcome to comment below, but if you want to use profanity or hate speech, please use the comment sections of the YouTube videos. Thanks! Videos Videos: Subscribe to any of our channels to keep up with the live shows. Want to be interviewed? If you




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Facebookpasswordrevealeronline (April-2022)

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